Monday, July 26, 2010

Tourists in our own State... River Boat Tour.

So it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and we decided we need to get out of the house and enjoy the awesome weather. So I started looking for things to do in St. Paul or Minneapolis using City Pages and Explore Minnesota websites. While I drank my coffee I started rambling things off to Crist to help me decide what to do. Well Crist has never been on a Big Paddle Boat before so we settled on a trip on the Mississippi River would be a fun Sunday afternoon. So we got everyone ready and headed to Harriet Island we took a 1.5 hour river tour up to Fort Snelling and back. The kids had fun going up and down to the two decks and watching for eagles flying. It was a great Sunday with the kids in our home state. After the River Boat Tour we headed over to Lower Town for their block party and a little live music. We couldn't stay long because the kids were ready for a nap but the music we did hear was great.

Autumn actually let me take her picture a few times today!

Leighton waiting patiently for the boat to start moving. 

 Brecken and Autumn

Autumn took this picture of Crist and I just before we left. 

The boys enjoying the view.

 Dad and Brecken

Leighton and Autumn enjoying a little snack.

Everyone just before the boat docked back at Harriet Island.


  1. Yesterday was the perfect day to do that - I've always wanted to! Beautiful photo, Autumn, job well done!

  2. Because of this post, we actually did the same thing last weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!