Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Big 30!

This weekend was a special weekend. My amazing Husband turned 30 today so we celebrated all weekend with one of our best friends Lisa. Lisa turned 29 this weekend so it was a great reason to get together all weekend for fun and festivities. Friday night we checked out I love this Bar in St. Louis Park with Lisa and her awesome work friends. 

Saturday I shot a wedding with a dear friend and then headed to Dugarel's Bar and Grill in Hastings to take some photographs of the Tent Dance for River Town Days. This was a ton of fun I got to work and hang out with some great people. 

Thanks for joining us Ryan, Jill, Brady and Lisa!

Lisa and I in the tent. Thanks Ryan for taking the picture of us.

Thanks for the Great picture Court! 
Court, Crist, Lisa, Stacie and I headed to Shamrock's for some awesome burgers for lunch and a shot. Court insisted on shots for Crist and Lisa's Birthday's.

Thanks to all of our friends for a great weekend. Oh and thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking the little kids all weekend! It was fun to hang out like we used to but I missed the kids and was happy to see them Sunday night.

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