Saturday, July 3, 2010

One: the first set of the babies ONE YEAR pictures.

 Leighton giving me the best smile, I wasn't ready for this Crist just plopped her in the flowers and she smiled so big. This is a rare smile for her, she is definitely the more serious of the two.

 Happy as ever Mr. Hudson is always showing off his super smile.

This is my favorite, they are quite the stinkers these days spending a lot of the time fighting so I love these moments when they are getting along. Oh and Hudson gave Leighton a kiss for the first time the other day, so cute! Usually he is biting her.

My Girly looking so cute in the summer evening. She loves everything girly, except the silly headbands I am always trying to put her in:)

More to come... hopefully cake pictures. I am baking cakes right now.

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