Thursday, September 23, 2010

The little kids!

Okay so I decided after taking the Stewart twin's pictures the other day that I should maybe try and take pictures of my twins........It never works out like when I photograph other peoples kids:)

This was the only picture of all three.
This is the best one of the two of them.
Leighton 16 months
This is Leighton's look. This is pretty much how she looks at everyone. Kind of funny when her brother usually looks like this....
Hudson 16 months
Such a handsome little man!
My bud is 3.5 years! Such a little man:)
My sweet buds for the moment:) 

Oh well maybe family pictures will go better! LOL

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Lucky Lady takes California by Storm!

 My lucky lady took a vacation this summer with her Great-Grandpa and Cousin Sean. She flew all the way to San Diego by herself and met up the Great-Grandpa. Cousin Sean works for Sea World so she got a tour of the behind the scenes.
 Here they all are with a flamingo!
 They also made a stop at the San Diego Zoo in between all the activities at Sea World!

 Cousin Sean even set up for her to do the Dolphin Interaction!

 And of course what trip to California would be complete without taking some surf lessons!
 I think she was getting used to the California lifestyle!

Then they headed to DisneyLand for a couple days! 
 I think Great-Grandpa was enjoying himself too!
Thanks Grandpa and Sean for sending all the pictures and for showing Autumn such a great time in San Diego!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer has officially come to a end at our house...

Well this week has been pretty crazy at the home front. Autumn started 4th grade, Brecken started 2 day a week preschool and I flew in from a business trip from Colorado all before Wednesday! It was so sad sending my baby B off to preschool, but he did great. No tears were shed, by mom or Mr. B. He loves his new class. Day 2 is tomorrow so we will have to see how that goes. I think I will do okay:)
First Day of Preschool for Brecken and Autumn's second day of 4th grade
Autumn my big 4th grader. I missed her first day so we had to take 2nd day pictures:)

Self Portrait

Checking out all the new toys to play with in his classroom.