Monday, October 25, 2010

Celebrating 80!

My Grandfather came for a short visit a week ago. He will be celebrating his 80th Birthday this month, so we thought we had better have cake! We had a nice dinner out at Wiederholts in Miesville, it is a great old fashioned supper club that my Grandpa likes to visit when he comes to town. Then everyone came back to our place to have a slice of Oreo cake!

Hudson loves his Great-Grandpa!
We also had a big weekend for Autumn's soccer team! They had their play-offs and Autumn's team took 2nd place!! The Fire Dogs had a great game and lost the game with grace. I was very proud of the whole team. Great-Grandpa and Grandpa both came to games on Saturday.

One of the mom's even had cookies made for each of the girls!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Trip to the orchard!

This weekend was busy busy, we had the school marathon, apple orchard, Afton Alps Fall Festavel, and the Twin Cities Marathon. Here are a few pictures from the orchard. I will add the other pictures later from our other events!
Okay everyone smile and look at mom! Or not!! LOL
Cute fall babies!

Milking the "cow" Bessy!

Autumn really wanted her picture taken:)

Farmer Leighton

Farmer Hudson!
 Brecken didn't let me take many pictures this time but he had a ton of fun riding the trikes on the track. We had a great time I think we are going to go to Carpenters Nature Center next week for their Apple Fest! I love this time of year!