Saturday, January 30, 2010

A whole lot of new skills!

So over the last few weeks the little kids have mastered a few new skills! Brecken is potty trained and this is a huge deal for him and for mom! That is one less kids diapers I have have to change!! Whoo hoo! Leighton has been crawling and sitting up for almost a month now but just last week managed to learn how to pull her self up! She loves all the independance she now has. She also has a wapping 8 teeth! She is growing to fast. Hudson just yesterday learned to sit up, he is still army crawling but gets around just fine. He is teething right now and has 4 already! He is becoming such a big boy. Well I have lots of work to do so this will have to be short. Brecken's 3rd birthday is only in a few days.

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