Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Well we did it we made it to 2010! This year sure has been a crazy one with the arrival of the twins, my new business venture and Crist continuing his journey to become a police officer.
The year in review,
The twins arrived on May 12th 2009 and are now 7 months old. Hudson is the heavy weight that started talking first he said DaDa with Mama quickly following a few weeks later. Leighton is my peanut she has always been a few pounds lighter than Hudson! She does not talk yet but is excelling in other areas; she learned to crawl and sit up in a matter of minutes of each other and has not stopped since! I think I need some fencing:)
Autumn is in 3rd Grade now and loving every minute or most minutes! She and Crist will be taking a trip out west this summer to see some of his cousins and to ski Breckenridge! She is pretty stoked to shred with cousin Matt! Other than skiing Autumn keeps busy with dance and girl scouts. It's almost cookie time so start getting your orders together!
Brecken is getting taller by the day I swear! He will be turning 3 in February; I cannot believe he is going to be that old! Where does the time go? We will be starting to plan his party soon, he wants a train, Spiderman, speed car party. So I think whatever "boy" stuff I find will be just fine. I think we may try and go somewhere this year so mom doesn't have to have everyone at our house.

Crist is doing really well at school. This semester he managed with all the chaos to Achieve a 4.0! I am so proud of him! He only has until May and he is done!!! Only a few months left of craziness. He should graduate right around the twins first Birthdays! What a present, Dad realizing his dreams!

I am doing pretty well thanks due in part to all the wonderful people in my life, all the help driving Autumn to and from school watching the babies so I can get some running done and many other helping hands that have been extended this year. I have also had some excitement in my photography business, I partnered with a lovely lady named Kathy King and we have started a new business called Pictures of You Photography. We are learning a lot about the business end of things but really enjoying all the new opportunities this partnership has brought and will continue to bring in 2010. If you want to see some of my latest work check out:

I hope everyone enjoys the new year and if I didn't get you a Christmas card this year please accept my sincere apology as I am new to this business owner, mother of 4 job and did not get them all done. Next year I may do Happy New Years cards!

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