Friday, May 6, 2011

Family photo fun...the church directory

Let's just start out saying I usually try not to be a negative Nelly on the blog. I try to keep it fun and share some pictures. But today I am going to complain and whine...just a heads up:)

Today was the day we got our family picture taken for the church directory. I hunted down some outfits that would coordinate for 6 people, and even managed not to break the bank! We wore color, lots of color! I even wore a orange top...if you know me you know this is pretty far out of the box for this girl. I wear black, gray and more black. We looked cute and casual. Like my family dresses, not all fancy. We only had one wardrobe issue, Leighton's jean jacket was huge. I bought it last night and didn't try it out. Oops. But she still looked cute in her white dress and leggings.

We got to church on time and waited and waited and waited until almost a hour after our appointment time. We finally got our turn and the guy taking the pictures was more concerned about posing us than anything took about 10 pictures and called it a day. (I told him because we were a hour after our appointment that we had to make it quick) So the kids did great we got the pictures and they left. I went to the next step picking out our pictures so of the ten pictures maybe 2 look okay until I looked at them closer. In half of them my necklace is very off center in a not so flattering position and in the other half my hair is sticking straight out!! So I picked out one for the directory that was the "best" and walked away. It was a horrible experience. I felt so disappointed. It is a rare occasion that all six of us are together in a picture. I was really hoping for at least one cute one that I could pass around. But, I didn't and now I will have to live with the gross picture in the church directory for years grrr.

But, I did get this quick pic of Brecken afterwards I think it was the only good picture taken all day. He is my sweet boy.

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