Thursday, February 3, 2011

The BIG 0-4!

Four years ago yesterday my sweet boy was born. He was stubborn that day making sure everyone made it to the hospital before he made his way into the world.  He is still stubborn and cute and has this mama wrapped around his finger. We celebrated early with cake for breakfast then presents.
I stayed up way to late decorating this Lighting McQueen cake per Brecken's request. But as you can see it cracked in the morning. Oh well....I tried and it still tasted good. Especially for breakfast.
Brecken as you can see is perfectly happy with his cracked cake. So mission accomplished! That afternoon we headed out to Autumn's field trip to Skateville.

All in all it was a great day. We are heading out for a family trip this weekend to celebrate his birthday and next week is his "friends" party at the zoo! I love love love birthdays and they tend to last at least a couple weeks in our house. So for now Happy Birthday Brecken week one!

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