Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bedtime Fun

So as I sit down to write this post my patience is being put to the test. I am sitting on the floor with my laptop just outside of the twin's bedroom that they share with Brecken, who is already sleeping in my room. Ugh this is what is going on at our house this week.....
 So this is not something I was planning on, however the twins felt like it was time. They decided to start climbing out of their beds. They did it on the same day, together, giggling the whole way down the stairs to let me know they were up from the nap they didn't even take. So we walked them back up and moved their cribs away from each other and before Crist and I were out of the room they were out again!

So here we are. The stage I dreaded with these two TODDLER BEDS.

So are you wondering how it is going?

Really well! LOL They just go right to sleep like good little babies. Last night it took 1.5 hours to get them both to go to sleep. Tonight they are still awake as I type this, we are about 45 min in at this point. But they are at least being quite now.

Anything will be better than last night.....It has to be right! Well hopefully this is good night, it is quite in my house for the moment!


  1. Babies, please drive your mom a little bit crazier!!

  2. It will get better. They are so darn cute though!!!

  3. Oh, Liz. I'm am so dreading this moment for us and praying yours goes well.