Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I am a few days behind on the Halloween pictures, but photoshop crashed on me right before we went out trick or treating. I have been working hard to figure out how to fix it... and I did! Whoo hoo! Who would have thought that the girl who could barely use her computer to type a paper just a few short years ago would now be her own IT person. SO with out further ado.. my favorite little people on Halloween! Oh how I love this holiday!
Lady Gaga!
Autumn's costume was so fun to make! We just recycled a $4.99 dress from the Goodwill and attached foil wrapped boxes. We were going for this Lady Gaga look, not perfect but you get the point:)

Brecken wanted to be Iron Man, Spiderman and Batman! But I had bought this costume at Target last year for 90% off. I pulled it out of the bucket and he wore it for the entire month!! I think he loved it even if it wasn't Iron Man. The beginning of trick or treating was pretty tough he fell asleep and was not ready for trick or treating. He went down one street and said " I have enough candy. Let's go home mom" But soon he was following his big sister and running all over the neighborhood.
My Recon Commando! 
My babies...the Garden Gnomes! I saw garden gnome costumes at Target but they were just not quite what I wanted so I decided to make my own costumes for the twins! I think they turned out pretty good! I am really enjoying sewing lately and loved making Leighton's skirt. I think I am going to have to make her more of these!!
Hudson the Garden Gnome!

Leighton the Garden Gnome!

The kids had a great weekend of parties, trick or treating and of course CANDY!! At the end of the night the kids were getting ready for bed but Leighton did not want to give up her candy. All night she didn't let go of the handle of her basket...and at bedtime it was not going to happen either.
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


  1. Love the gnome costumes! The hats and shoes are way to cute. Plus the skirt, what a creative momma you are!

  2. Love the twins gnome outfits Liz. Super cute idea! Great shot of Brecken too!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I was super excited the Gnome costumes turned out.

  4. The Children's Museum Pass is not with the other museum passes - it's a different program. At our branch, there is a very tiny display at the front desk. Ask about it - I had to!